Tuesday 30 June 2020

Sorta Half-Day

So, today is a day where I work all day today, yet will only make bonus on half of the day . . . sorta.

Let me explain. So, this is the last day of the month and so it is the last day of my current payperiod. 

I will get my cheque, (or be able to deposit it at any rate) in one week’s time but the window to earn hours and bonus for that cheque will be ending today . . . by noon.

Why? Well, Boss is heading out of town for a week, (starting shortly after noon today) and so Boss wants to process and hand out cheques today (or so is the prevailing theory).

That’s nice and all, as it will let me finalize my budget, as I will know exactly what I am getting on that paycheque.

Yet, since I have to hand in my timesheet by noon today, that means that whatever bonus I earn on any orders shipped after that, will go onto the next payperiod’s timesheet.

So, I won’t lose out on it, as I will get credit for it, just not on this paycheque. I will still get paid for all of my hours, of course, even those I work this afternoon, after Boss has left.

It is just one of those quirks of life working in a small company, and this company in particular. As I have said, I like my job and I like my boss.

I just notice these little things, is all.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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