Thursday 2 July 2020

Inspired Day Off

So, yesterday was Canada Day, yet all events to gather together was cancelled. That didn’t mean that I was bored though.

While I did take a moment to say “yay Canada!” I also got a bit of work done. Both on the novel series that I am writing, but also on the Homestead Project (My Town).

With the town, I was talking with a friend of mine and a few areas or districts of the town was agreed upon. 

Since this is the incubator for the larger concept, things were simplified and merged together, and a few other areas were added.

One of the areas that we added was what we are calling “The Urban Nomad’s Park.” What it is, is a few areas aimed at those whose lifestyle is mobile. 

To start with there are four areas in this quarter section of the quarter section (as in take a Full Section of land (1 square mile or 640 Acres) and chop that up into four equal parts.

One of those equal parts, a Quarter Section (½ mile by ½ mile, or 160 Acres) is the size of the land that I want to purchase.

Now, take that land and chop it up into four equal parts and you have the size of the land set aside for this Urban Nomad Park (¼ mile by ¼ mile, or 40 Acres).

Chop that up again into quarters and you have the size of land set aside for each of the following areas (1/8 mile by 1/8 mile, or 10 Acres)

There will be a tiny home park, as in a development designed for people to bring their tiny homes and park them there at. 

There will also be a mobile home park, for people to bring their mobile homes or manufactured homes.

The other two parts will be a campground, two rather. One is a typical campground, designed for those who stay a day to two weeks. 

The other is designed for those who stay by the week, or month, mid-term to long-term staying, in your RV.

That park, the Mid-Term Park will have the usual amenities but also include a larger recreational hall and centre.  

One other thing is the workshop, or workshops. What there will be is a series of workshops each one fitted out with tools and equipment needed to fix and repair RV’s.

Also, attached to each shop will be a Spartan living space. Since you are fixing up, and/or tearing out the walls of your home, you need to live somewhere, so why not live next to where your home is being discombobulated.

The idea is to rent those shops at an affordable price, yet high enough to motivate you to complete your project in an expedient manner.

The concept is to develop a community of Full-Time RVers who could work together to fix up RV’s, perhaps during the winter months.

Me and my fried discussed this and decided to start with, the most likely place to start the whole town project would be to build that Mid-Term RV Campground and expand from there.

The land would have to be on or near a highway and since the town will be off-grid, thoughts as to how to generate that much power consistently in an ecologically friendly way will need to be figured out.

Also how to handle waste, as in sewage, (gray water and black water) as well as garbage will have to be figured out, as the overall concept is to be as close to zero waste output as possible.

Sorry, that I don’t have pictures, but that is the latest update with regards to The Town Project. (If I had the cash, I’d start it now, as it is needed now).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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