Wednesday 13 April 2016

Warm Weather, No Running Water, No Problem

The interesting irony of this time of year is that, barring a sudden cold snap, that I could de-winterize Wanda. 

In so doing finally be able to have a shower in my own shower and flush my toilet like a normal person (as in not pouring water down it). I can also have a real shower by now pouring warm water over me . . . from the same juice jug.

The weather is warm enough that I don’t need to worry about my water pump freezing up and cracking. I know that I could find a campsite with full hookups and do what I need to do to de-winterize. 

The trouble is, is that none of the few RV Dump stations in town have their water turned on (as far as I know) “because it is still winter” and they are still “afraid of their pipes freezing”. 

So, it looks like I will wait until my trip to Waterton Lakes to de-winterize, as there is no point to do so before then. That is, unless I can find a place to get water before then.

The odd thing, is that I have been without running water in my home for the last seven months. As it stands I will most likely be without it for a total of eight months. Even when I do get running water, I will only have it for four months and then I go back to no running water. 

This means that for most of the year I have anti-freeze running through my pipes, and for a good chunk of winter, I can’t even use my sinks or toilet, let alone my taps or shower. 

The strange thing is that I am used to it, I have just accepted it, it is “normal;” to me running water has become a luxury that I can take or leave. 

Each time I see one of those memes with a picture of remote cabin that asks “would you stay here for a million dollars?” I just shrug, laugh and say “where do I sign up?” 

This does not mean that I see myself as the ultimate bushman or some ultra-macho backwoods expert. Don’t get me wrong, there are a thousand things I don’t know about living in a cabin in the woods, I just know that I could do it, if I wanted to.

So for now, I will continue as I am, pumping water from my jug and doing what I have been doing. I’m thankful that I can wash my dishes in my sink and use my own toilet. 

Again, I try to see the little successes in life and where things are good. After all, as of this next payday, I will be over half way to my down payment savings goal.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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