Wednesday 20 April 2016

Shorts Days Are Here Again!

I enjoyed lounging around in my shorts again last evening, as I had yet another BBQ (because I could). It was a nice evening that I made sure to pause and enjoy. I am just about to put my Thermal Undies away (yet still within reach) for the warm season. 

I will be living in shorts for the foreseeable future (with the exception of work). After all, I do need to look somewhat professional and presentable. Outside of work, however, it is time to blind the world as I try to get some colour into my pasty legs.

The meaning of today’s entry is to make sure to pause and enjoy the nice things that are around you. If the weather is nice, have a BBQ, go for a walk, or just sit down and enjoy it. 

I have my stresses and financial matters to deal with, ones which I won’t list here, but you get the picture. There are always worries and troubles, and true enough, you do need to deal with them. 

Yet make sure to schedule some down time for you. I know that I for sure needed it. I have been frustrated and down lately, and these last few days are certainly what I needed to get my head on straight. 

Now I am ready to continue the struggle to get myself completely and totally debt free.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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