Thursday 28 April 2016

My Functional Extravagance

Okay, part of the reason that I am in a cash crunch is that I bought a productivity tool, that some might call an extravagance. I bought a “Keyboard Case” for my iPad.

I know what you’re thinking that this is silly and redundant, as the iPad has that keyboard on the screen that you can use. Besides, most of the time you’re not supposed to use it with a keyboard, right?

Well, I for one do a lot of things that need a keyboard. That and I have always hated that onscreen keyboard; I can use them, but I hate them. I also have found that since I have bought it, I use my iPad all the time, in fact much more than either my phone or laptop.

So it stands to reason that since I use it so much that I expand what I can do with it. I have found that with this new keyboard case (that arrived yesterday) my iPad is starting to function more like a mini laptop. 

I like the fact that the keyboard part of the case is removable and you can in fact use it in standard “Landscape” direction or in “Portrait” direction. You can even separate the iPad from the keyboard and use it on its own . . . as a typical “naked” iPad.

The case itself is metal and certainly robust but it does add some bulk to the iPad. 

The iPad is certainly well-protected in there and you can still remove it from the case altogether quite easily.

The flip cover that I was using for the iPad I found ended up getting smutz on the screen. Since you folded it down under then behind the iPad, the cover was sitting right on the table.  So when you closed the screen that cover pressed a bit of grime on the screen. Also, occasionally the laptop would fall back if you pressed a bit too hard onto the screen.

I intend to use this new keyboard more and more and in so doing, extend my resources and yes the functionality of my iPad. It is my hope that I will be able to hold off buying a new laptop, even if this current one dies in the near future.

For no reason whatsoever, here is your sunset pic.

As always:  Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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