Friday 1 April 2016

The Balance of Failure

I will admit that despite how much I say that we should do this, that I still have a problem doing this all the time. I try but there are some failures that still sting, the one that is attached to April the first is one of them. 

You see a few years ago and before I had started on my Urban Nomad journey, I had made a bold proclamation one fine April day that come the following April the first that I would start filming a movie that I had written. (For that matter, neither has the book version been published.)

Well, as you can guess, the following April the first came and went and no movement had been made on making that movie. To this day the project is still stalled and in limbo, but I digress.

Since that dark April 1, when the full weight of the failure to achieve that goal hit me, I have hated this day. It stares me in the face and reminds me that yet again, one more year has passed and that movie has not been made.

I am in no place to make such a movie, but I would do it in a heartbeat, if the opportunity arose. The point is that I just need to let the sting of that failure go, yet it still lingers, it bugs me, still to this day, years later. 

I have had many successes, my proudest, so far is my victory over credit card debt and the one that will top that is my upcoming home/acreage ownership. My life is moving in the right direction, but still the failures of the past continue to haunt me. 

While on one hand I need to use the stinging of failures to motivate me forward, and I do, I do not need to dwell on them, to let them control me. 

That is the delicate balance that we must strike when it comes to the memories of our failures. Use them to learn from and move away from, but don’t drag them with you. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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