Friday 8 April 2016

All Packed Up And Nowhere To Go

I will start off with a bit of housekeeping and an apology. I learned a couple days ago that Facebook, unbeknownst to me, filters out messages from people that you are not already “Friends” with. 

This means that I have been “ignoring” messages from people wishing to contact me; that is not my style. I always welcome anyone to contact me, even if it is to just to say hi, send me a comment or a criticism. 

In order to alleviate this, I have put a simple contact me form on the side of the blog that will always be there. I will get and read every email and do my best to respond to each one. After all, it is only fair that if someone takes the time to message me, I should message them back.

* * * Now back your regularly scheduled blog entry * * *

Part of the reason why I went camping last weekend was because I was not ready to face this . . . a weekend without my Western Home. I have been thinking of where I can park and what parking lot I could park in, but none come to mind.

This is a bit of a big deal for me, as parking in a parking lot and not on a street means that I have a bit of space around me. It also means that people are not zooming past my house doing 60 – 80 KPH. What I really like is that I can put my stabilizer jacks down and put my slide-out out. 

This all adds up to a bit of “Normalcy” that I don’t experience during the weekdays. I also lament the fact that I knew where everything was in my Western Home. To me, it was a place that had been my weekend home for the past two years. 

I will think try to think of some out of the way, quiet little spot where nobody will mind me parking for the weekends. I may even try to find some place just out of town, who knows. 

I have to do my laundry and then a bit of grocery shopping and then this problem will really come home to roost.  After that, I have no particular place to go. No matter what, I will survive and keep looking, to find a new little weekend place.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

PS . . . here is your sunrise shot.

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