Friday 22 April 2016

My Own Private Deficit

It is payday and as usual I took a look at my budget for this payday and the next one. The next two paydays will be, bad, as in put me in the red . . . sorta.

I will be “spending” more than I will be taking in during these next two paydays, but things will get better after that. This payday I was hit by not only the cost of Wanda’s tires, but de-winterizing and topping up my Long Term savings account as well. 

You see, with the possibility of me buying a place dwindling ever more, I have decided to put the $500.00 that I should have put in for January.  As it was, I only put in $1000.00 in there for January and not the usual $1500.00. 

This way come January of next year I will have an even $18K in there, and the January after that, I will have enough to pay off Wanda at the same time that the truck is naturally paid off. 

I shy away from buying a house each time I look at the cash flow crunch that buying a place at this point would put me in. 

I would be in the same stressed out, all income allocated for debts and obligations position I was when I started this Urban Nomad Journey.  

Even worse is that I would have no furniture or other financial resources to deal with any eventualities. I am not going back there again, if I can help it.

The hurt that next payday hits me with is paying for Wanda’s insurance.  After that I can pull my hinny above zero ($1K) in my Main Account and build up my cleaned out Mid-Term Savings. 

I will be okay, though as my credit cards are still at a zero balance and I am well on track on my savings plan. My trip to the coast may be delayed a bit (say into August) as I still need to save up for it.

I will save up for that trip and indeed take it, as I need the break and to visit people. I need my financial freedom more though, so that is where most of my money goes these days. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward! 

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