Monday 4 April 2016

Frugal Vs Miser

One of the easy parts of being poor is the fact that you don’t really have much choice on where your money goes. It has to go to bills and other forms of debt servicing. 

Sure, sometimes you play “Bills Roulette” but hey who hasn’t. Bills Roulette is where you decide which one of your bills is not going to get paid this month, because you don’t have enough money to pay them all. 

Ever since I started this Urban Nomad Journey I have been watching every dime that I spend, even before then. As I am working towards getting a house I am still watching every dime. It has become a habit, so much so that I question any and all expenditures on myself; any expense that is not absolutely necessary. 

Sure, it has had its uses and still does, but it also has its bad effects. I don’t take the time to spend on me. Like this weekend I did break down and go to Banff, but I felt guilty going. 

I am on budget, and on track to making my savings deadline, I will be above my target in my Contingency fund this next payday, so why do I do this to myself? The answer is that a part of me still doesn’t see my paycheque as mine; it still belongs to someone else. 

The other, and more likely reason, is the fact that any penny spent, is a penny not saved. With that August deadline that I have set for myself coming, I know that I need to save ever last dime that I can. I also need to allow myself to treat myself once in a while. This is hard to so, especially for someone who has never really treated myself or spend money on myself. 

I did go to Banff, and I did enjoy myself and made sure to have my first BBQ of the season and revelled in the peace and quiet. Nobody buzzed my house, so that’s good. Here are some pics.

As always, keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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