Monday 25 April 2016

Recovery is Possible!

Okay, it is true that for this current pay-period and the next one that I will be running a deficit budget. Thankfully, after that I will be on the road to recovery.  So no, I will not be living in deficit financing for years on end.

I only have four paydays (June and July) to save up for my vacation which I have decided (unless I can’t get that particular time off of work) will be the last week of July and the first week of August.

The last payday in May will be focussed on getting my hinny out of my own overdraft. This is a pre-condition for me to start building up my mid-term savings again. My savings plan for my Long Term savings account is caught up and continuing on schedule. So, conserving and saving as much as I can, shall continue to be the norm for the next while. 

It is interesting to see how far that I have come in a relatively short period of time. I have gone from massive credit card debt to building up savings in a few years. Even better is that in a few more, I will be totally debt free, and that is appealing. I may splurge on another pair of long johns this year yet still tough it out. 

I have all but decided against buying a house at this time, so there is no point to get the mortgage pre-approval. While I am single and in my current financial situation, my cash flow does not let me comfortably get a house. 

I may, however, get that ultra-low rate credit card that I have been eyeing, just in case I need to carry a balance someday. 

I made more lunches this weekend and that pretty much was the high point of my weekend. It is not a nifty or entertaining way to spend my days, but it will have to do. Every penny that I save is a penny that goes towards buying my freedom.

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