Tuesday 5 April 2016

Success and Failure Inventory

One of the ways that I keep motivated is by reflecting on how far I have come and where I want to go. 

I know that I have said this before, but it is a point which bears repeating. Your attitude is everything. This is because how you react to and deal with situations is governed by your attitude. 

If you are down and feel crappy about yourself, then you will more likely cave in and be defeated. If your attitude is positive and you are confident in yourself and your abilities, then it is more likely that you will stand up and face whatever it is that you have to face. 

To help with this, every so often stop and take a look back and where you have been. Pause and remember the pain, frustration of where you were at your starting point. 

Then pause on how things are in your life now. Hopefully you will see that things are not as bad as they were. If things are in fact worse than they were, perhaps it is time to rethink and retool your plan (and life).

Finally, pause and think on where you want to go. Envision yourself already there, doing what you can do once you have achieved your goals and dreams. Take a moment and truly see yourself already there.

This little trick should help motivate yourself to keep on keeping on doing what you need to do. This is what I do, and it does help. Your attitude is key to your own success.

Besides, if you have a negative attitude, you’re not a nice person to be around. Since you have to live in your own skin with yourself, you might as well be someone you can live with.

As always, keep your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

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