Tuesday 19 April 2016

Spring Cleaning and BBQ’s!

Two things I did this weekend (besides laundry and De-winterizing was to do my annual spring cleaning and have a BBQ.  In fact it was so nice, I decided to BBQ here, where I park, I had a BBQ yesterday.

On the weekend though, was my spring cleaning. What this means, besides a good cleaning is to pull everything out of every cupboard, nook and cranny and examine what it is, and why I still have it.

I recommend doing this with one area at a time, so as to not overwhelm yourself. This also gives you a chance to toss out what you don’t need and organize what you have. 

For me, it also reminds me of what I already have. I found myself saying “Oh, yeah, I still have that!” Not to mention, “Gee, that would have come in handy last winter.”

The warm weather is nice and once again I am lounging around in shorts as a light breeze drifts through Wanda. On days like this, living in my Trailer is okay, it is winter which is miserable.

I will continue saving and working towards the future, and yesterday, just for fun and curiosity I ran a budget for after everything is paid off. The results were shocking, as in I could easily double what I am putting into savings per month . . . double.

The other budget, the one looking at what things would look like if I bought a place is very dismal, as in, I would be in a similar situation that I was in when I started this journey, but I would be tied to that house or acreage; (and still have no furniture.) 

One is a path to love and a family, and the other is to solitude and freedom. We shall see what happens, but all I can do is keep working my plan and enjoy the lovely weather that has come at last.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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