Tuesday 12 April 2016

My Weekend in an Industrial Park

Let’s face it, as it stands now I work and live in the same neighbourhood . . . an industrial park. This is not as bad as it seems as there are no large black-smoke-spewing smokestacks nor are there loud 24/7 industrial operations. That and my commute is still 1 km door to door.

There is a duck pond just down the block and I am parked next to a nice large grass covered hill . . . okay it’s a dump, but a de-commissioned one, or at least one that is all sealed up (the lack of sea-gulls tells me that). I was treated to the sound of songbirds as I awoke this morning.

Since I had to get Wanda’s tires replaced I didn’t go anywhere this past weekend, I just stayed in my spot next to work all weekend. This means that I wasn’t able to put my slide-out out, and I actually had to plan and think hard before going to the grocery store, as it wasn’t just outside my front door. 

I did enjoy the silence and relative stillness of this neighbourhood over the weekend. Sure, a few dedicated people came in to work on Saturday and even fewer were around on Sunday. Apart from one yahoo who roared his supped-up old truck screaming his engine right past me, it all was fine.

I even went for a bike ride around the neighbourhood. This was partly because I should go for a bike ride, but also to see if there was a place where I could park and put my slide-out out. 

I found one serious possibility, but it was right across from a tank farm (as in a site with lots of gigantic storage tanks for oil). One can only guess how freaked out those folks would be to see me parked right across from them, so I won’t chance it.

There was a second possibility as it in on a quiet corner and there is that spot just at the corner that may be wide enough for me to park and put the slide-out out, who knows. Certainly too dangerous to park in winter, as I would risk someone sliding into me, but in summer it may be worth a chance, maybe.  

On a positive point, I did enjoy a nice sit in the sun on both days of the weekend. I will most likely break out the BBQ for a cookout on a patch of wild grass right beside where I park this weekend, if not before.

The point of this blog entry, is that I am making the best of it, I am continuing to look for the positive points of what is happening to me. I am endeavouring to look at the bright side of life and keep my own attitude positive. 

I will keep looking and thinking of a nicer place to park over the weekends, but for now, this patch of asphalt, grass and sidewalk is home.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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