Tuesday 1 September 2015

Boris is Back

I gotta hand it to the little guy, he is determined to make a nice home, where he wants to. Oh, who is Boris? Well, he is the spider who has taken up residence on Treabilla’s right side mirror. Why did I call him Boris? Well, seriously, what else would you call a spider but “Boris the Spider?

He was back and this morning I saw that he had built a large and sturdy web. Perhaps he is thinking that the wind is destroying his webs, or perhaps he knows it is me. Either way, in his little mind, he seems to have figured that if he makes his web stronger and better, then I simply can’t tear it down . . . keep trying Boris, keep trying.

As for me, I was able to finish that chapter I had started Sunday. It is good to have finished this one off as it fits nicely into a hole in the story timeline that was there. Also it builds tension and I can use the chapters I had written and it enhances them. This is one of two chapters that I sandwiched in between two other chapters. I had glossed over this period of time and I am glad that I went back and inserted these two chapters.

I am also happy with how this book is moving along and the pace of my progress is moving smoothly along. Here’s hoping that I am hitting my stride and soon will have this one finished. Already I have the idea for the climactic scene forming in my mind, it should be good. To be able to write full-time, as an occupation would really be a treat for me and yes, a measure of success.

After this book, I have that other book to write, as in the one based on my adventures in being an Urban Nomad lo these two years. It should be interesting, as I also need to start to write Book Three. Hmm . . . write two books at the same time and hold down a full time job . . . sure, I can do that . . . right?

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