Tuesday 29 September 2015

Winter is Nigh (Le Sigh)

The weather is starting to change, if a bit, and I must change with it. I have started to wear my thermal undies to bed and warm clothes in the evening. Yes, the water conserving methods are in effect. I had a rousing bachelor’s bath in my bathtub . . . a daily ritual for the next six months (groan).

The first realization each year that winter is coming has always hit me hard while out here on the prairies. This year it is accompanied by another deeper groan. I know what is coming and what lays in store for me. I will do it, and I will make it through winter. I just don’t like it. Even when living in a house I hated winter. I am not one to frolic and play in the snow . . . nope . . . not me.

This has turned my thoughts to how much easier it would be if I even just had a place to park Wanda. This then sparked thoughts of home ownership and what form that might take. I have looked at a few different options and mused over each one. 

There are many possibilities and I am still not sure, what, if any I should do. An intriguing thought is to somehow accomplish this without a mortgage. 

There is also the possibility that the increased payments on Wanda will kill any thought of savings. Once again, I will not know this until I sit down with the bank in January. My initial numbers do look scary, unless I can somehow extend the term of the loan to lower those payments.

Such thoughts of my future are not helpful at this time and will only serve to confuse and depress me. I will keep my mind focussed on what I need to do now, and the next goal that I have set for myself. I will remain focussed on preparing for winter and paying off my credit cards.

Then the savings phase will begin, and Christmas and then the talk with the bank, in January. Then and only then will I know how bad the refinanced Wanda loan will be. Spending too much time thinking about things in the future does not help me now. 

That is then, this is now. I need to do a few things before I can get to that place. Leave the past in the past and the future in the future. Plan for it, but work for and in the now.

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