Saturday 12 September 2015

Vacation Hath Begun!

I am now at my new home for the next week, I check out of here a week tomorrow. It still hasn’t settled in that I will not move or have to move for a full week. All it took me was half a tank of gas and three and a half hours to drive 220 km's to my vacation spot. Where am I? well, here of course.

Oh, sorry, that’s not where I am, here is where I am staying. 

If you have trouble reading that, don’t worry, it’s not you. It is the fact that this nice, beautiful sign was not quite thought through all the way, like a lot of things here. 

That’s better, right? The office and staff were nice and welcoming. The check in procedure was relatively quick if a bit quaint. I actually had to handwrite my info on a carbonless triplicate form. Most of the places that I stay at have computer systems that they type your info into.

The sites are nice and picturesque and that is something. There is plenty of shade and I am backing right onto the river. 

(Yes boys and girls that is my firepit, an interesting use of a big rig tire rim.)

There were a few things about the campsites that leaves you to scratching your head. These things are manageable but a bit irksome. I don’t report these to nitpick but simply offer a balanced review.

For one the road is a single lane road and you have to back into your site which runs perpendicular to the road, no angle at all. This means backing up around a corner, a 90 degree corner, on a narrow road with rocks and trees on either side. Not to mention other obstacles on the other side of the road, like your neighbours very large and expensive RV. 

This is not a problem if you are driving a motorhome as you can just park like a regular car. The units with a trailer, like me, are the ones who will find this difficult. 

Then there is the placement of the utility hook ups. The power connection is where you would expect it to be, near where the back driver’s side of the trailer/RV would be. This allows you to hook up with relative ease as most of us don’t have extension cords for the main electrical connection. (Mental note to self to buy one.)

The water supply on the other hand was done cheaply. The water connection is for two sites and right at the road. Clearly they just ran two lines, one on either side of the campsite road and popped up taps between two sites.

What this means for the camper is that you have to run two hoses down to the water intake on your RV. This setup is odd because usually the water and the electricity is right there; usually the sewer connection too. 

Speaking of the sewer connection, there are none. There is the dump station at the camp office, and that is fine. The dumping is free if you are registered at the site. For me, I will be okay as I can last a week without dumping, but it might get awkward if my tanks fill up before then (as I have disconnected).

These are a few of my initial observations, but these oddities are small and manageable. The price is comparable to other places that I have stayed, at $35.00 a night. The scenery is nice and once you are situated, you are fine. 

I plan to explore the area a bit and see what Golden has to offer and hopefully uncover a bit of the history of this place. For now, I need to get to writing, as I want to at least finish the chapter I started this week.

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