Saturday 19 September 2015

How I Made Coffee This Morning

Soooo . . . this is how I made coffee this morning . . . 

Why? I’ll get to that in a bit. 

First of all I did replace the roof vent over the bathroom. 

Here is the old one removed (to prove that I did it).

Here is the new vent installed.

Because the tint of this vent was much lighter than the old one, this is what it looks like in the bathroom now (with no lights on).

This gives me more light in the bathroom, but I am not sure I want that much light in the bedroom. I am sure that once I get my ‘S’ (The Urban Nomad(s)) that she will demand the darker skylight in the bathroom (for privacy). 

For me, I really doubt that anyone will be looking down on me in my bathroom, so I will accept the better light. That and I tried to look down in there and the mesh does not let you see anything. 

I am sure that if it was dark outside and the light was on inside then you might be able to see something. I just think that would be a lot of work to see naked people, so why bother.

I won’t tell you how I replaced the vent as there are plenty of videos on the net, telling you how to do that.

Okay, now on to why I didn’t make my coffee (and breakfast) in my kitchen.

I had planned on painting the hitch this week but it had been raining on and off all week. Finally, yesterday was good enough to paint the hitch so I did so. I did my laundry first and then decided to paint the hitch in the afternoon. 

Why? I wanted to paint the pain that the propane tanks sit on and that meant disconnecting and removing my propane tanks. I didn’t want to leave them unguarded and unsupervised for that long of a period of time. 

Here is what the trailer hitch looked like when I started.

Okay, I got excited and started going and painted the passenger side of the hitch before taking the photo, here is a close-up of the other side and what both sides looked like before.

Why this is happening is because I didn’t have mud-flaps on my truck (the tow vehicle). Why this is important is because as I drive small rocks and other debris will be shot out from under the tire and hit the front end of the trailer. I have recently installed mud-flaps on Treabilla to reduce this damage.

I plan to first paint the hitch area . . . okay done.

Then I will spray on the spray on truck bed liner to add a tough surface to the front of the hitch . . . first coat is done.

I will add a few more coats throughout the day. I hope to make it as tough as the coat that is in Trea’s truck bed. 

I also hope to go for a few bike rides today, as this is my last day here. I head back to Calgary tomorrow morning. The nice thing is that I don’t have to leave first thing in the morning. I can leave during the daylight, and odd experience for me to pack up in the morning, during daylight. 

Well, I had best get up and at it.

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