Friday 25 September 2015

Not Going to be Oliver

I forced myself to finish the chapter that I started this week. Sure, it needs to be edited and tweaked a bit, but the important thing is that progress was made. I sometimes take a day off, and I know that I need to force myself to get back into the groove lest I lapse my writing for more than a few days. 

The other thing that seems never far from my thoughts is the fact that I have only four paydays to go until I am credit card debt free. I keep pondering what I will do after the glorious ‘Liberation Day’ which is the 22nd of November, 2015. 

I will most likely wait until January before talking to the bank to refinance my car and truck loans. Why? Because it takes about a month before what happens to your card to hit your credit score. 

I want my credit report to show that I am credit card debt free and have my credit score to be as high as possible before I talk to the bank. I actually want to enjoy this talk and not feel like Oliver asking for more porridge.

Then my thoughts turned towards actually buying something . . . as in a house or land or a condo. Hmm . . . how can I sneak into home ownership without a down payment and what avenue is best for me? 

Buy a plot in a nearby hamlet to park Wanda on? Buy an acreage? Perhaps buy a condo to get my feet into the home ownership market. Hmm . . . decisions, decisions, decisions.

For me, this is a lot like what you do after you buy that lotto ticket yet before the draw. You sit there and wonder what you will do with your newfound fortunes. For me, I wonder what I will do with my newfound disposable income. 

Once again, for no reason whatsoever, here is your sunrise shot.

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