Thursday 24 September 2015

Lights Out

Okay, I was able to disable the lights on the front of Wanda last night, so there will be no draining of my batteries unless I do it myself. There are two lights, one on the hitch post and the other on the front of Wanda. 

Both of these lights are activated by a switch on them, thus the problem. With my porch light that is turned on and off by a switch inside Wanda. With these two though, anyone can walk by and flip a switch. I wouldn’t mid it if it was someone who used the light for a few seconds, but to turn them on and walk away, is just wrong.

As I suspected, the light on the post was in fact three LED’s on a PCB. I was able to disable this light by disconnecting a ground wire. Thankfully there were two ground wires going to the same screw. One ground wire was for the motor and the other was for the light. By just disconnecting the ground wire and wrapping it in electrical tape, I disabled the light but also allowed myself to be able to reattach it later. 

With one on the wall it was much simpler . . . I just took out the bulb. I made sure to put a small label in there telling you the type of bulb it takes. Just in case I lose the bulb and want to reactivate this light in the future. 

By doing this I have prevented anyone from turning my lights on and walking away. This was the simplest and less confrontational method to accomplish this. Sure I could have stayed up at night or rigged up some sort of alarm to alert me if someone flipped on a switch. 

All that would accomplish would setup a confrontation with whoever was doing it. This is not an issue I see a need to confront anyone on, I just don’t want my batteries drained by some jerk.

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