Wednesday 23 September 2015

Happily Broke!

Payday has come and gone and I spent almost all of it yesterday. The important thing to remember is that I budgeted it out beforehand, as I always do these days. 

Furthermore, I will be pay the only automatic payment which is due to come out and still stay out of the overdraft. Something that I am proud to say has been the norm for months, quite a change from the past where lived in the overdraft for years at a stretch.

So not only did I get everything done that I had planned to do, there was also an added bonus. I budget $150.00 per payday for fuel, as that is the maximum that the gas pump will let me preauthorize for. That and that is the most that I feel like spending per payday. Usually I am somewhere between $60.00 and $100.00. 

With this trip to Golden and back taking up almost a whole tank, I was worried. By the time I got back I even had the truck nagging me to fill up. I had figured that it would be more than my budgeted $150.00. I had already decided that I would fill the tank up to the max of $150.00 and then just fill up more next payday. I was happily surprised when it “only” came out to $136.56, leaving a bit of cash in my pocket.

Since it was payday and that means a trip to my bank and Costco gas (seriously the cheapest gas in the city) I ended up in my Western Home. I got settled and had a fine evening, even doing a bit of grocery shopping. 

When I got up this morning I found something which has happened before and is quite irksome (not to mention wasteful). I found that the light that is attached to my hitch foot stand was on. 

There is a post attached to the front of Wanda which I can lower down a foot to support the weight of the hitch for hitching and unhitching the trailer. Well there is a light to help you see the hitch at night. What it actually does is spotlight the license plate on my truck perfectly. 

I figured that it was on and was most likely on all night, as my batteries were drained but not dangerously low. I have looked and it looks like it is an LED and I can’t quite figure out how to disable it. If it were a regular fixture I could just pull the bulb out.  I will look again tonight to prevent this. After all, I have flashlights if I need to see the hitch at night.

I have had security types do this to me when they are doing their rounds. It is one thing to write down my license plate if I am on you property, it is another to needlessly drain my battery. I will find a way to prevent this from happening and not give in to the impulse to bash the head in of whoever did this. I don’t need the trouble nor wish to stand before a judge and explain myself.

So . . . I am back to my usual routine, and writing away, starting to make progress on Book Two. I pretty much finished off a chapter in two days, all I need to do is to add a scene at the end of it and this one is done. It is another funny one which was easy to write, I hope the rest of the book goes this easy. 

The break did me good and I aim to have this book finished before starting on the book about my journey to paydown these debts, which will most likely be my next book.

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