Monday 22 December 2014

Today is Payday! (So I’ll be Happily Broke by Midnight)

I will get paid today and so it is my evening of depositing and running around. I will also pay that massive payment on the second card. I have decided that tonight I will do my last minute shopping for my camping trip. Since I will be in my Western Home tonight I might as well shop there. 

I looked at the balance of my first card and was disgusted with myself. I had let it run up too much. So I paid it off and sunk myself into the overdraft to do so. Why did I do that when I hate that overdraft?

Simple, to punish myself. This will remind me daily how badly I sunk myself into unnecessary debt again. I will climb out of the overdraft by spending as little as possible.  

This will also keep the second card paydown on track and help with the third card paydown. It may take a bit longer to get out of that overdraft again. In the meantime I need to see how badly I failed, (alright, $600.00) but still it is too much, 

The thing which irked me was that it was all under the guise of “stuff I needed.” In reality it was all just stuff that I wanted but didn’t want to pay for now. I convinced myself that I would just pay down a bit at a time over time, well that thinking let me get that first card out of hand.

They key thing is to learn from my mistakes and move on. I also need to not jeopardize my large paydown schedule. Both I can and will do and I am still on track for that “Credit Card Debt Freedom Day” of July 22, 2015.

This weekend I took it off and relaxed. The ideas for that last chapter just aren’t coming. They will come and it will be written. I am now gearing up for that trip to Banff, (Yes I will be blogging and posting pictures).

Charging up Wanda’s batteries with Jenny is going fine. It looks like if I run Jenny for an hour and I am conservative with the electricity, that charge can last me 24 hours or more. Not a bad bargain for an hour’s worth of fuel. 

I have been lucky when it comes to the weather and I know that each day where the weather approaches or goes above zero is a wonderful gift, I also know that the really cold weather is coming. I only hope that it will not be too long or too cold. I have weathered the cold weather before, and I can and will do so again. 

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