Thursday 18 December 2014

The Break is Doing Me Good

Okay to be honest I do feel a bit guilty that I should be doing some sort of literary thing but I am enjoying the break. 

Saturday and Sunday I will work on the new Chapter and Preface. At least that is the plan, until then I will enjoy the break and let the ideas come to me. 

I have been plugging in and last night I actually did get some decent rest. The night before I had trouble sleeping, I just laid there staring at the clock, waiting to get some rest. 

I have taken sleeping pills before but the amount of times I take them the bottle goes bad before I need to take another. So I just tough it out and hopefully I am tired enough the next night to sleep, this usually works.

It is less than a week away from my Banff holiday and even shorter before payday. Payday is on Monday and I leave for Banff on the Wednesday morning (the 24th). Our last day here is the 23rd and I didn’t feel like driving and setting up in the dark. 

Another bright spot is that Sunday is the shortest day of the year, so the days will get brighter and warmer from here on out. Not counting that whole “real winter” due to arrive for the next three months. (Yes this is my evil plan to look for the positive things in life to keep me positive).

As far as my water situation is going I seem to be finding it going well with having a bunch of 2 litre bottles. They are easy to handle and I can fill them up at work and if they freeze, and break who cares. 

I will admit that at fountains or other public bathroom sinks they don’t fit under them. So then you would need: a funnel, a smaller container in order to fill them. 

In an urban setting, water is everywhere so you won’t die of thirst. You just have to be willing to have people look at you funny as you fill up your water bottles in the bathroom sink or at a public water fountain. 

So far everything is going well and I am settling into a workable pattern. I do the dishes just after washing myself in the morning (bachelor style). As in a damp washcloth and soap, with a cup to douse my head over that sink tub I have.  I do splurge for a shower at a local truck stop once a week. As I said before . . . I miss indoor plumbing.

After I wash myself I dump that water out and boil a bit more to wash the dishes. I find a handy trick to save water is to put soap and water in one of the bowls (inside said sink tub). Then use a scrub brush and scrub the dishes with water from within that bowl. To rinse off the dishes you can use a bit of water from your 2 litre bottle. Rinse the cutlery at once, of course. 

This system is working out and I am surviving and thriving, and that is key. I really look forward to Wednesday the 22nd of July, 2015. That will be the day that I shall finally be credit card debt free (the ultimate Humpday). 

And of course I am looking forward to early April . . . when I can De-winterize Wanda and yes, have indoor plumbing again. 

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