Tuesday 16 December 2014

Book Almost Done . . . Sorta

Okay so I am one chapter away from editing and fattening the first book. Then again, there is that one chapter I want to squeeze in there near the end that has not percolated forward. 

This does beg the question of if it is actually needed. That little voice in my head tells me that yes it is needed and more so near the end. We need to spend a bit more time in Tanea before the end, as Brian’s portion takes up a large chunk (or seems to) of the book. 

I could add another chapter in Brian’s backstory, but I think we spent too much time in it already.  No, I think we need a brief break in the action and look at another storyline briefly, just before the climax. It will come to me, of this I am certain as with Tanea there is so much to see. 

I ran Jenny last night for an hour in the evening after work on a street, in my favourite place to park.  Nobody cared, nobody bothered me, it was great.

I had my electric heater going only as I ran Jenny and it was able to get it up to 5C (I think) from -5C. I fired up the furnace after turning Jenny off and warmed Wanda up to 20C and then turned the furnace off all night. 

I was warm enough all night and in the morning it was only at -5C. I ran the furnace and warmed it up to 20C which ran the batteries dry just before heading off to work. 

I feel good about almost finishing this first real pass on this book which I know is over 100,000 words long. I will then go over it a few times to polish it up. I like this story and how it starts our (and Brian’s) journey into Tanea. To me, this book is chapter one in this story.

I am looking forward to payday as I can then pay down that first real, serious chunk on this second card, as well as keep my promise of at least $50.00 on that first card. That will be a boost, and a boon to my mood.

I am also refocusing myself to get and stay positive, despite what has been happening; the setbacks and how slowly things have been paying down.  I know that I need to get out and have more fun, despite the dead of winter. I will think of something to do that costs little to nothing that I can do in this area. 

For now I will pause and take joy in the near completion of this first book. At least the framework is there, then to craft, hone and refine it . . . hopefully this won’t take another year. 

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