Wednesday 24 December 2014

Banff, Here I Come

I am blogging on my phone today,  because dum-dum me didn't charge either Ace or my laptop. I decided that since I was going to be in Bannf this afternoon,  I didn't need to . . . Oops.

Last night I did get my propane tanks filled and I was pleasantly surprised to find that in almost a week I had only used 3 litres of propane.

I ended up in my western home and browsed it's shelves. I was pleased to find an LED lamp that gives out 50 lumens and uses 3 AA batteries.  I bought two.

They give off tons of light and I can work under them. The IKEA tealight lamps are okay gor a relaxing evening,  but suck for work lights.

I am of off and on my way to Bannf.

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