Thursday 25 December 2014

Got to Banff! Happy Christmas to All!

I did get going and made my way to the wonderful little town of Banff. There was a bit of snow here and there but the roads were safe, in the area that I was traveling. If I had been travelling to the coast, I might have had some trouble, but as it is, I am fine.

I am now at my campsite, I disconnected Trea from Wanda, but didn’t move anywhere. I may go down to the town today to see the sights, I’m not sure. 

Here is what I see out my windows, does your view compare?

I am now relaxing here in my trailer and despite the weather I plan to have a BBQ at least once while I am here. 

The electric heater working with the furnace is keeping Wanda nice and warm yet not taxing that furnace out. I am splurging and keeping it set to 20C even while I sleep. 

Speaking of sleeping I slept for about 12 hours last night, (okay I got up once to go to the washroom in the night). I went to bed at around seven at night and got up at seven in the morning. 

I was up before the sun and made sure to get a nice sunrise shot over the mountains. 

Here are a few random, yet cool mountain pics. 

As nice as it is here in my campsite in the mountains, I am here alone. It would have been nice to have gone to the coast to visit family for Christmas, but I need to keep on with this journey of saving money. 

I could make my life easier by renting a place to plug-in, and I know that. It got down to -12C and I was fine with my electric heater and furnace. I also know that would cost extra money which would blow my timeline of the paydown . . . and that is not acceptable.  

I am really looking forward to having these credit cards paid off and Wanda refinanced so that there is no balloon payments at the end. I also know that I do not need to plug-in all the time to survive. 

I will weather this winter in the manner in which I have figured out, this too shall pass and Debt Freedom shall come as surely as the warmer weather. 

Have a Happy Christmas all.

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