Friday 12 December 2014

Long Day and Short Chapters Ahead

So far I have been a good boy and driven very little. I am trying to save as much as I can on fuel so as to save my fuel budget, as my next payday will be tight. I am also spending as little as possible on groceries or other expenses as well, for the same reason . . . so far so good.

I did drive to one of my favourite parking lots to put the slide-out out so I could spread out, sleep and go for a bit of takeout (via my mad money budget). I parked, put the slide-out out, walked over to get some Mexican food, yum. I was back in Wanda sitting having dinner when I had a ‘drive by.’

I have had them before but not like this one. A few times people will drive by or park perpendicular to Wanda with their headlights on. This was a drive by so close the passenger could have reached out of their window and touched Wanda. They didn’t drive by fast either, it was a slow examining look as they drove past. 

I almost stepped out to challenge them (nicely) but they drove off. I was unnerved and knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep so I drove to a quiet street near work and stayed there. Those dishes still didn’t get done, but I did get an early nights rest. 

Work has been steady and for the most part I like the steady days at work. For one the day goes by quicker and that is nice. Another reason is that when you are moving and are productive you feel like you are giving good value for the money the company spends on your salary.

Today is usually my shortest day at work as usually we end the day at 2pm and sometimes at 1pm. It is a nice treat to have part of the afternoon off to do errands. Today it will not be so; today I have to stick around to make sure this crucial order gets to a customer. 

One of our customers works in the film industry and there is a shoot coming up real soon. We were supposed to have the stuff for this order in earlier this week but for one reason or another it was delayed. It is coming in today . . . sometime . . . before the close of business, they won’t be any more specific. 

So this means that I will stick around, wait for this package to arrive, process the order then wait for the other shipping company to pick it up. I may end up leaving on time or sticking around to the evening, after I usually go home. 

I am not doing this for the overtime (I most likely will not put it on the timesheet) or even to impress my boss (I don’t plan on telling him, as he most likely wouldn’t like it). I am doing this for the customer and as we all know . . . the show must go on.

As far as my writing goes it is going well, and so far my chapters are up to my standard. I see a few places where I could put an extra chapter or six, all in Brian’s backstory but they would be extra. We get enough of a sense of what happened to him to shape him. 

We don’t need to spend a novel or two on his backstory. If I did that then this would be just another historical novel with a character set in The Wars of The Roses. Then you are limited to what actually happened and what things were actually like. Then I am playing in someone else’s back yard, and playing by someone else’s rules . . . boring.

Where I need to fatten up and add an extra chapter is at the end, at the conclusion of this book. There are a few thin chapters there and I know that I need to put an extra chapter there. That is coming soon, and it will prove interesting. 

Now that I know that this is the conclusion of a book and not a pause in one, I know I can tweak the ending. All in all the work on the book is going well and on schedule.

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