Monday 1 December 2014

I Sleep in a Freezer, But Live in a Fridge

That pretty much seems to sum up my life over these past few days. Don’t worry, I am fine and am sticking it out. I have been through it this far, I can and will make it through winter.  I would be silly and a wuss to back out now, I have already seen -30C. 

When I get home I usually see this.

When I sleep at night I am plug, so I just run the electric heater. Since I am in my sleeping bag I am nice and warm, even though inside Wanda ranges from -5 to -10C (depending on how cold it is outside). This way I save the propane, as the bag heats just me.

When I am up and about I set the furnace to 5C and it seems to manage to keep up okay. At 10C it is running constant and can’t make it to 15C. I am dressed in my cold weather clothes and am okay as I putter around Wanda at 5C  I am able to be okay and that warm hat with flaps is my new best friend as while it looks silly, it is warm. 

I can get used to just keeping myself warm but the problem with living in a fridge/freezer is that everything freezes, as in EVERYTHING! Here is my dishsoap.

Ever opened up and tried to get the contents of a frozen can of pasta? Trust me, it’s fun. 

Then there is the little trick of putting my frozen bottles of water in front of the furnace so that the near constant warm air blows over them. 

It worked. I was able to get enough water defrosted to have coffee this morning. (Don’t mess with my morning coffee). 

I am at a loss what to do about my frozen milk . . . Should I bother trying to melt it or just consider it spoiled.

The upside of all of this is I am saving money not running the fridge . . . at all . . . seriously, what’s the point.

Lastly there is this little trick that I never thought I would have to do . . . 

(I’ll give you a hint, that is a jar that I need to empty, so I can fill it late at night).

What I am doing there is the same trick I used when I was making chocolates in my younger days. What you do is boil water in a pot and put a jar or two in the water, (empty and dry on the inside). You then put the chocolate chips or what you want to melt in that jar. 

This way the jar is heated without damaging the jar, it gets indirect heat. This works quiet well for melting the contents of whatever frozen jar or other glass container that you need to defrost, yet not shatter. 

I have now learned that when it gets really cold that I have no choice but to get dressed, go outside and find a thirsty tree, when I need to pee . . . oh the joys of being over 40 (le sigh). 

The ironic thing about all of this is that I hate the cold. I despise winter, I really do. I don’t “play” in the snow. I don’t ski. I don’t frolic about in the cold like one of Santa’s helpers or some dancing imp. Yet here I am choosing to live in this RV all winter because I am just too damn stubborn to give up . . . I can’t let winter win . . . there, I said it, I’m tougher than winter! 

(Logic: 0, Stubborn Determination: 1)

On a literary note, I did get a couple of chapters done on the book yesterday and I have begun to shape “Part Two” into a nice form. It looks as if I will be able to stretch the story that was this movie into another book. I am thinking of altering the ending of Part Two. It would be more accurate to say that I am just taking a detour in the story, so as to stretch it out. 

If I do that, I will call this book done and move on to the next one. I kinda like having two parts in one book, something I learned from Tolkien. It provides a nice little break in the action and two different, yet joined stories in one book. In essence it is two ‘episodes’ in one book.  

This is where the: magical/mystical/editor/marketer/publicist/loving and devoted wife would take over and edit (while cursing at me) the first book as I move on to the next one . . . right . . . there is only me.

Best get back to it then.

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