Saturday 6 December 2014

Comfort is Important

I had forgotten that, I have lived in cramped quarters for so long that I had forgotten the nice luxury of a bit of walking space and a bit of extra heat. I have spent so much time surviving the cold and never putting the slide-out out that I have forgotten how nice my trailer is. 

I know that most people have kitchens larger than my house but I wonder how many people have slashed their unsecured debt by a third over the past year, or will eliminate it completely in the next eight months either. 

I went up north and had my walk around and reminiscing of what my little townhouse and old neighbourhood looked like. It was nice and interesting but I couldn’t stay up at the shopping centre there as they had massive signs saying no overnight parking. 

I decided to then to go and park by my favourite library and stay there tonight. I even ventured enough to put the slide-out out. That was nice as it means more space inside and something I don’t usually have . . . floorspace and walking room. This morning I didn’t have to shove my table back and forth, to and fro and just slip by it. 

I really need to find a regular parking space, close to work where I can do this. I also know that in the really cold weather I will not dare to put the slide-out out, but in the warmer weather of a Chinook, I can and will enjoy the extra room.

The weather will warm up to above zero today and should dance above zero most of the week. I will take it and revel in it. I also know that it this warmer weather will not last and that the -30C is coming again. Yet even that shall pass and the spring will come again and I will be back in the warm weather. 

In the less-than frigid temperatures this lifestyle is nice and even delightful. I will have to budget for a camping weekend a month in the warm weather, a delightful delight worth the expense. Now that the celebration of a year in on this journey is over I can focus again on keeping myself on the path to Debt Freedom. 

The lesson I learned today, that I am passing on to you is that a bit of comfort is important, it will help your journey go nicer. It can and will also help improve your mood. 

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