Friday 19 December 2014

All’s Well That Ends Well

So yesterday at work we went out for our “Christmas Meal” the boss takes the staff and our key customer/friend out for a meal at Christmas time. 

That day was yesterday and the meal was delicious, the restaurant was nice, and a good time was had by all . . . until I got sick. Something about the meal didn’t sit well with me and when we got back to work I threw up that meal. I then went home early in mid-afternoon. 

I went back to my trailer and moved to my quiet spot down the street and then plopped on the couch and didn’t move for the rest of the night. Well until I got up to walk to work to check if the coast was clear to plugin. 

I then realized that I had left my phone at work. So I took my work keys with me so I could pop in and retrieve my phone.  I thought of leaving it there but like most people it is my alarm clock as well as my main phone and internet connection.

After retrieving the phone I walked back to Wanda, moved, plugged in and lounged a bit and then went to bed. This morning I got up moved, lounged and when through my usual morning routine, until I was getting ready to leave for work, that was when things got interesting.  

I reached for my house keys, got them, then reached for my work keys . . . they weren’t there. I always hate it when people lose keys in their house and have long since felt a bit smug as it hasn’t happened to me in years.  I have long had a rack of small hooks to hang keys on by the door, that way your keys are always there when you need them.

Well the work keys weren’t there. I then tore the house apart thinking they may have fallen out somewhere, didn’t find them (mental note to self, need to seriously clean up and organize Wanda). One of the advantages to having a small house is that this process didn’t take long.

I then walked to where I parked behind work  . . . nope not there, I then went around to the front of work in case I dropped them there . . . nope. I then walked the path back to where I had parked in the evening, nothing along the way. 

When I got to the spot where I had parked last evening, there beside where Wanda’s door was, were the keys. My best guess is that when I pulled out Wanda’s keys to unlock the door, the work keys slipped out. 

I was just thankful to get them back as losing your house or vehicle keys is one thing but losing your work keys is a different matter. I reeeeeaaly didn’t want to have to tell the boss that I had lost the keys to work. There is a special panic that only people who have lost the keys to your work know. 

Needless to say I was later than usual getting to work (yet still early). As a result I was able to see this . . . 

A nice sunrise to signify that things are going to get better and that all’s well that ends well. I know that I need that rest and may just do very little out there in Banff. I will still get that last chapter done before then and if I am motivated that preface, but I do need a rest and a break, I know that.

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