Tuesday 2 December 2014

Stay The Course

Okay so I learned Four things yesterday:

1) My Credit Limit Increase Went Through.

While I don’t plan on using this extra amount of credit, I know that it will prove useful in the future if I plan to start any sort of business. Cash flow is key and this will help with that. Again, credit cards are like guns, they can save your ass or blow it off . . . it’s all in how you use them.

2) My Credit is Obviously Improving

I got my first offer for a new card in years. Well this one is to upgrade a current card, but I don’t see the need. I like, or don’t hate rather, the one I have, so I will keep it, for now. 

I don’t want an extra card to balance, nor does collecting “travel points” appeal to me when I don’t’ have a passport (they kinda insist on the ‘SWAT Team Address’). It is nice to receive ‘nice’ letters from credit card companies for a change, though.

3) I Need to Up my Game at Work

It seems that I have not had my mind properly focussed on my work and have been making a few mistakes. I don’t know the exact cause, it could be the routine (such that there is), the fact that I work myself 7 days a week on two jobs, one is my writing and the other is work.

I work twelve hours a day, four for me in the morning and eight for work. I then rest in the evening and try to get up the gumption to edit a bit. On the weekends I work at least eight hours on writing both days.

Or it could be a number of other reasons, whatever it is, I need to focus on work and do a better job. I am paid well, I like my job and my boss, he deserves better. This I will do, I will do better, for: myself, my pride, my boss and yes because I can’t afford to lose this job.

4) I Need to Stay The Course

My plan is working. I am paying things down. I am able to adapt to new challenges. My life is steadily getting better. While winning the Lotto would be nice, it is unlikely. 

I only have the resources that I am given to solve the fiscal problems of my own making. This bizarre way of living is chipping away at my debt and getting me out of this hole. 

I will get off of this damn hamster-wheel of debt slavery yet. For that I need to . . .

Stay the Course

(and do better).

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