Monday 8 December 2014

Stuff Just Happens . . . or Does It?

Once again this is me telling a story which doesn’t make me look all that good, but I shall share if for a purpose, if only for your amusement. 

So I did get my editing done in the morning and then decided that it was time to go to the bank so I could start my running around. I pulled my paycheque out from its safe place, signed it, put it in the envelope and tucked it into my jacket pocket. 

I then had to dart into Walmart for a ‘pit stop’ and ‘use the facilities,’ but after that I was off and at the bank. As I got out of the truck and did I quick check of what I had, my paycheque was missing. A quick search of the truck turned up nothing. 

My heart sank as I realized that in my desire to be prepared I had signed the back of the check so that anyone who found it could cash it. I drove back to where I had parked and searched around where the truck was parked . . . nothing. 

Then I walked towards the store, retracing my steps on my trip to the bathroom while scouring the ground . . . still nothing. It wasn’t until I got to the entrance that I found what shouldn’t be yet was, my paycheque still there in its envelope. 

Now by the way I put the check back in the envelope no name or anything was showing , it just looked like a black piece of paper in an unremarkable envelope. I picked it up and sure enough the cheque was still inside it. I was thankful and grateful to have it back. 

As I drove back to the bank I realized that different people would say that I found that cheque for different reasons. Each person would be just as firm in their belief as others.

Some would say that God protected that paycheque and ensured that it would be there for me to find. 

Others would say that it was not God but the powerful spirit or spirits which guided me back to it. 

Still others would say that it was the will of the universe that I found that wayward paycheque. 

Yet other people would say that it was a result of good Karma, that since I have helped others, that this good act came back to me.

Yet others would say that I was lucky, that nobody looks down when exiting a massive shopping store. We are looking for where we parked, we are looking for the traffic coming and going to and fro from the store. The one thing we are not doing is looking for interesting litter on the ground.

I know that that paycheque could have fallen out in a thousand different places and that I was fortunate to have gotten it back. Was it God, the Great Spirt, the Universe, Karma or just good luck? Who knows. I am just thankful that for whatever reason, I got it back.

We humans see events which happen and look for meaning in them. This happened because of this. That happened so that this other thing could take place. That tree fell over and died so that new plants could be nourished and grow from its carcass. We also look at events and label them as good or bad as a result of how we see them from our perspective. 

Sometimes there is no reason or greater good at work, sometimes a tree just dies.

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