Wednesday 10 December 2014

I Need a Vacation

It has been a long year and I need a break. While a jaunt to someplace warm would be nice, it is not in the cards for a few reasons: 1) money and 2) I don’t have a passport 3) What would I do with Wanda. 

Still, I could use a break, thankfully I will be getting one. Each year our company shuts down from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day.  I had planned to stay close to my library and just putter around there for the time, but I got to thinking . . . gosh, a taste of civilization would be nice. 

I looked over my budget for the upcoming payday and with some serious slashing I was able to pay my $1000.00 to card #2 and pay that big phone bill. 

So I decided to treat myself and go camping in an ‘Electricity Only’ portion of a campground in Banff for that Winter Break. I got a steal of a deal and put it on the first card. This is what I call my Christmas Gift to me a very small extravagance yet something which I know I need.

This card will be paid off by the time that the second card is also paid off. This way I can just sit and have a nice time, relax and write. As well with the constant 120 Vac / 30Amp electricity, I can run my electric heater at the higher setting and save propane while I remain comfortable. 

I still plan to have Book One edited (first pass) by the time I am ready to leave this campground. I am well underway and should have this done before I leave for the campground on Christmas Eve Day. 

Part of me is saying that this is a mistake and that I should just cancel this trip as I shouldn’t spend a dime on anything that is not absolutely necessary.  I also know, that I need a break and to spend a bit of time in one place without worrying about someone kicking me out or asking me to move along. Besides, it is a nice way to finish off the year; one full year of being out of my townhouse. 

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