Saturday 8 November 2014

Winter Is Nigh

Okay kiddos and blogerenos, things are going to get interesting this week, as the deep freeze is coming. It is going to get cold this week, colder than I had expected and earlier than I had expected. I thought that it might get down to like -15C or so in November and be okay until late December. Well that is not the case, apparently, take a look.

I had started to make some preparations as I have bought that heater that I can use to augment the propane heater. 

I have also bought a second pair of thermal underwear, this one size larger than the ones I previously bought.  I intend to wear these over top of the other ones, thereby having two pairs of thermal undies on. I also bought a large sweater so I can further keep warm. Finally I bought some warm socks to go under the ugly, yet warm socks I already have.  

And here is me wearing this ensemble (yes, all of those clothes at once) I call it: “Geoffie’s War on Nard Freezing”. 

(Mental note to self: need to buy a good toque, yes for inside Wanda)

The trouble with the deep freeze is not necessarily keeping me from freezing, but keeping the water in the various tanks and pipelines from freezing. This is a problem because water expands and usually this is not a problem. When it does so in a confined space, unless it can freely expand within that confined space, that confined space is going to crack. While still frozen ice and a cracked container is not soo much of a problem but when it thaws, that ice turns to water and damages everything, (more than just the cracked pipe or tank).

So with this in mind I am going to drain my tanks on Sunday and also do a bit of shopping to enable me to be able to function this week. I will make a crude toilet by using a 5 gallon pail, a foam ring and kitchen bags, this will work and prevent me from using the toilet in Wanda, as frozen poop cracking my blackwater  tank is not something I want to deal with.

I will use my ‘reserve tank’ of water (my 5 gallon jug of water) as my only fresh water tank as I don’t care if it freezes, but since it will be in Wanda with me, it should be fine. 

I will buy a small tub to wash dishes and use as a sink. While the poop will be in a handy bag and can be tossed in the garbage, the waste water from dishes will have to be disposed of somehow. (Not sure but I think I hear a tree or bush calling).

If I can get through this week, things will warm up and I will be okay. If I can get through and survive this week I will know that I can survive in Wanda all winter. That is a plus as if I can do this, this will save me serious money, and eliminate a major fear I had while starting this quest to debt freedom. 

I still plan to write today at the library and plug in tonight as I am shopping and running around tomorrow, I can’t take the time off and write at the library.  

As I said earlier kiddos, this week will get interesting, but I will survive (don’t make me break out into Gloria Gaynor). Hmm, on second thought, maybe “Eye of the Tiger” is more apt. 

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