Wednesday 12 November 2014

Waiting for Word on Wanda

I stayed in a hotel for the past two nights and now I am technically living in Trea. Relax, I have no plans on sleeping in my truck but I have checked out of the hotel and don’t have Wanda. If worst comes to worst, I will stay in a hotel tonight too.

The RV Dealership will let me know later today if and when Wanda will be ready. I am on pins and needles as I wait to hear what, if any, damage was done and of course, how much it will cost to fix her.

I did get a bit of writing done yesterday and enjoyed the luxuries that others take for granted. I am still seriously considering living in Wanda for as long as I can, if possible, all winter. I won’t go over how it is possible and why I am interested in doing this, just know that I am seriously considering doing this. (I know me and most likely I’ll give it a go.)

I just hope that it will not cost too much to fix Wanda or take too long. I don’t need the financial setback, (even if it would be as a result of my own stupidity). I always promised to be honest and post what I am doing and why, as well as the outcome. So that others can not only be entertained by my antics but learn from my mistakes. 

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