Friday 21 November 2014

I Wore Only One Layer of Clothes Last Night!

Yes folks, it was a balmy 9C last night and that meant that I was able to treat myself to turning up the thermostat to 20C  . . . oooh having a heat wave! Seriously, it was nice to be warm in my house and not have to dress up in so many clothes. 

While it is possible to get my plumbing going in this warm weather, to do so would be silly. This warm weather will not last and I would have to winterize in a few days, inside of a week, so the plumbing stays deactivated until at least April. 

I was able to get some dishes and cleaning done last night as I puttered around Wanda. Yes, I did plug in again last night. I will not be near work tomorrow night and wanted to see if an extra night’s charge would last me two days. I hope to stay in my “western home” until Sunday afternoon.  I figure that I can run Jenny to keep things going until then. 

I am eager to get my paycheque today, even though I can’t cash it till tomorrow. I will see if I have enough to pay first card paid off again, stay out of overdraft and pay the second card down to $4000.00. It is now somewhere around $4600.00.

It would be nice to pay it down to a nice round thousand digit number, just a thing I like to do. That way I can easily see and figure out how many lump payments of a thousand dollars it will take to get this card done. Yet still there is that balancing act I need to do of keeping out of the overdraft, so I may not quite be able to do so, we shall see, but any large chunk is progress. 

This card should go quicker as there is the absence of the minimum payment for the first card. The final card should go even quicker with two lump payments per month on it, totalling $1500.00. This will be that as a result of all of the money I have allocated for “minimum payments” will now be going to one card.

As eager as I can get to pay these cards down I need to keep in mind to stay above zero at all times in my main account. That is vitally important, just like keeping the cards I have paid off at a zero balance. Using them for convenience is one thing, like when Wanda needed to be repaired, that is okay. Using one of my cards to buy a nifty new toy, like a new laptop, is not acceptable and how I got into this mess.

As far as the writing goes, I still say that I struggle with determining where my story is. What I mean is where does my story start, and what needs to be in it? What is important to tell and what isn’t? When you know your characters and the world you have created as extensively as I do, this is a problem. I know them too well. 

I have come to realize that a good tool to discover this is to just determine where the most fun for you to write is. For me, the most fun and interesting parts are in Tanea, not England (no offense England). So I will be returning to the storyline of starting in Tanea and have a more compact “Brian flashback” drowned in a longer and enhanced Tanea storyline.   

I never regret these detours and trying new literary things, as it allows you to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. I find that allowing me to take these detours and experiments encourages new ideas to freely flow. Not every idea is good, but every idea needs to be explored as long as it needs to be explored.

(On a personal Woo-Hoo, note, my little blog has just broke 6000 views!)

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