Friday 28 November 2014

Don’t You Hate it When Other’s Don’t Stick to Your Plan?

So, I was all set to plug-in last night. I stayed in my work parking spot, had dinner, relaxed as I surfed the internet, and then went for a walk a few minutes before 8pm. 

I do this little walk just to make sure that all is clear in my work spot. It has been so routine that the place is abandoned by 8pm that I have come to think of this walk as a formality. 

Well, as I came down the sidewalk and peered into the space behind work, my plan to plug-in hit a snag . . . 

Those cars are not parked behind my work but the bay to one side of it. That bay has been vacant for the last month or so but just yesterday it became a noisy hub of activity. They are obviously renovating it to make it ready to suit their needs. It is yet another sign of a healthy economy here in Calgary, yay. So they are parking behind their bay and obviously working late, nothing wrong with that. Again, I say Kudos to their dedication and determination. 

How is this a problem for me? After all, my work bay is still unblocked. Well, they are on the street side from my work so I would have to drive past them and back into my work spot and I didn’t really want to do that particularly with them still parked there. I didn’t want to wait and keep checking on them to see if they have moved. So I did what I have not done before, I slept in my work parking spot; I went to bed. 

This morning I was all set to start writing but I realized that I had used the laptop batteries up last evening surfing the web (is that still a saying?). I had decided that I was plugging in last night so I could recharge the batteries all night for the morning. Well, those cars put a snag in that. 

So, why didn’t I use Ace to run the laptop? Well, if the laptop is charged up, Ace will last at least two to four hours. If the laptop is not charged then I am lucky to get 45 minutes out of it. The charging laptop sucks the juice out of Ace bigtime but just sips when it is charged up. 

So as a result I did not write this morning, but I will do something this afternoon, when I run Jenny. I turned the furnace down to 10C and bundled up to sleep, again I was fine, but this morning the batteries ran dry. When I open the fridge door to get something and the light in it flashes, I know that the batteries are dangerously low. So you turn the furnace and all other appliances off until you can charge up. If I run Jenny for an hour this afternoon I will be fine, particularly since I do plan on plugging-in tonight.

So I troddled on to work in my ‘warm clothes’ and carried a bag of ‘normal clothes’ to wear while at work. I will then change into my ‘warm clothes’ after work before I leave. You see, usually I dress in my ‘normal clothes’ before I go to work and then after I get back to Wanda change into my ‘warm clothes.’ 

If the weather is not that cold it isn’t that bad but when it is cold, it sucks. As that means I have to strip down to nothing to change in Wanda who is by this time at 0 C. Add to this that my ‘warm clothes’ are now cold, it is a special fun feeling.

Again this whole lifestyle is a constant process of revision and improvement. I never get too set in my ways to not be willing to change how I am doing something. There is always a better way to do whatever it is that you are doing. The trick is to be willing to see it, and have the courage to change something which is probably working okay now, but could be better. 

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