Sunday 2 November 2014

Wanda’s First Snow

It snowed, Meh, so what, it danced around zero and snowed, it still is snowing today. It is a wet snow which means it is slush on the streets today but likely will be ice tomorrow. I am a block from work and will plug in tonight as well, I did so last night too. 

I was out of water and Wanda’s batteries were low, or they seemed to be according to the battery reader. I could have run Jenny but it was raining and snowing and since I have to pull the tonneau cover back, and that exposes some stuff in the box.  I did plug in and waited till later to fill the water. Here is what it looked just before I turned in. 

I did get Brian’s chapter done and had to pause to think on what to do with Brian and Trea next. As I do my accounting, I will think this over. I am resisting and stalling starting sorting out receipts but it sucks, I know that I need to do this, but as I said before, accounting sucks.

Ah well, enough whining, time to get this show on the road and get caught up on my bookkeeping which I am four months behind on. 

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