Friday 14 November 2014

Snug as a Bug

I was warm and cozy last night. I had my electric heater turned up, my furnace going and yes I had my layers of clothes on and snuggled under three quilts. I was plenty warm enough. It wasn’t until this morning when I stripped down to wash, that I realized how d@#n cold it really was. 

Again, I keep the house colder on purpose, as keeping the thermostat set at 20 would use lots more propane, and cost me more money. When I am bundled up and moving about the house I keep it set to 15. I wear my hat in the house along with all of my other clothes and even sleep in them.  

Now, I have found that the actual temperature tends to be about 5 degrees cooler than what I set it at. So, when bundled up and puttering around I am doing so in about 10 C. It is common for me to see my breath in the morning as things get warming up, as I set the thermostat at 10 – 12. 

While my house is cold, I myself am warm enough, and that is the important thing to remember. My jug of water has not frozen yet, so the house is still above zero.  

As I said before, with Wanda’s plumbing deactivated, I don’t have to worry about heating her when I am not there, so no propane is used then. It is yet another adjustment to get used to and one that I will make. I will admit that this is not a fun way to live and it would be easier and more sensible to just rent a place. I can make this work and thereby get out of debt faster; that is what keeps me going. 

I have started to get back to the Tanea novel and look forward to getting this one done. I still feel that this incarnation of the story is the best yet. In essence what was one novel has grown to three; so one movie is now a trilogy. 

This really cold snap (yes the worst is to come) will not last forever. The warmer weather will return and I will have indoor plumbing again come April 1. This too shall pass. I will be sitting in my chair, just outside of Wanda with the awning down, enjoying the evening breeze as I sip on a cold drink in no time. And when I do, I will be much further ahead financially then if I were to rent a place now. 

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