Wednesday 5 November 2014

Getting To Know Jenny

Okay, so I had noticed this morning that Wanda’s batteries were a bit low and I didn’t want to plug in just yet. I decided that I would run Jenny tonight for fun and a test. 

I then got to thinking, that since I am running Jenny, I can then use my Microwave oven. Again for fun and a treat I picked up a microwavable meal and decided to nuke it as Jenny ran. That was the plan.

I started Jenny and this time she did need the choke but stared on the first pull (with the choke). I then connected her up to Wanda and everything was fine. I turned the furnace on and it was running when I put my meal in the microwave. 

The oven worked for a bit and then Jenny’s breaker cut out. I then reset the breaker and tried again. Again it cut out shortly after starting.  This time I decided to turn the furnace off and try again, this helped but again it cut off. 

I then went to Plan B and put the partially defrosted meal into a frying pan and heated it up on the stove. Good old propane, simple yet effective. 

I think I will investigate getting a cord to connect the 240VAC (and/or) 120/30A socket to Wanda. I need to do some research so I don’t put 240VAC into Wanda and blow every circuit in her. 

It would be nice to be able to run everything fully while Jenny is running. Just in case I am in a place where Jenny is the only AC I have.  This is not an urgent matter, as Jenny will run fine and charge up the batteries, it is just when I try to use too much that she cuts out.  

I still have problems sleeping in till 4:00 as I am so used to getting up an hour earlier that I just lay in bed for that last hour. I will get used to the new time soon, it just takes a bit of adjustment. The same happens in reverse in the spring, I have trouble getting up that extra hour early. 

I have started working on the other novel, the one about the character going nuts from their point of view. I just need a bit of a break from Tanea but I will get back to it soon. I still don’t know if this book I am working on will ever be released, even privately as an EBook; it is fun to write though.  

As far as the phone goes, I have decided to lower my package down to the lowest phone package and only 500 megs of data. I will turn the Mobile Data off and just use Wi-Fi at work or wherever I can steal it. 

If I need to, I can still turn the Mobile Data on and use it for maps or what I need to. I know me and I will not get rid of the phone or cut off Mobile Data, as it is handy and I like it, but I use it too much. This is yet another area where I need to conserve and cut back. Also I need to do something else other than surf the web.

I can and still will use the laptop for internet via its separate data-stick, but on the phone I just don’t need it as much as I am using it. I mean do I really need to get that email in the middle of the night when I am asleep? 

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