Tuesday 4 November 2014

I Am A Data-Holic (apparently)

I got cut off yesterday from my cell provider. I don’t meant that I have been disconnected, but apparently I have used twice as much data as my plan goes so they nicely cut me off until my new billing cycle. That is in a few days, so I'll live. I know and dread that this bill will be large, but it is my own doing. 

I am getting too used to using the data on my phone and have gone over my limit. I could just up the data package but then I would be enabling myself to use more data. I don’t really do that much important stuff just surfing the web and so forth. 

I know that there are decent uses for the data and so I will not cut it off but I will cut back, and use less. I need to find other ways to spend my time rather than surfing the web on my phone. 

It has been a little chilly but with power, propane and warm clothes I have been fine. I plan to pick up an electric heater (a good one) with a temperature gauge and a safety cut off. The plan is that when I plug in I can use this heater to augment the propane powered one to keep me warm and not break the bank. 

With the warm clothes this simply goes to the “English Heating System” as my mother called it. Simply put it is wear warm clothes and heat the body not the whole house. 

For now everything is fine but when it dips lower it will get more important to keep warm and not use the propane all the time, as it may have a problem keeping up. As well, when it gets really cold I do plan on plugging in each night, so as to use the mains power and the electric heater.

So far though, the minor bit of a mild cold snap has been fine and easy to deal with, late, when it drops below -10 during the day it will get interesting. Again, one day at a time, one challenge at a time, one thing at a time. 

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