Thursday 20 November 2014

I Did My Michelin Man Impression Last Night

Okay, since I didn’t plug in the night before, I knew that I would have to plug in last night. Unfortunately I needed to plug in a few hours before I could. 

After work I got into Wanda and turned the furnace on and I could tell by the way that the fan was running that the battery was low. I let it run for a bit and decided it would be best to not try, so I turned the furnace off. 

Now, inside Wanda, even without being heated all day was still at just about zero, even though it was -7 outside and had been so most of the day. So I put all of my warm clothes on and decided to hunker down for the two hours before I could plug in. 

(yet with hat, gloves and neckwarmer)

I have decided to wait until 8:00 pm before plugging in, that way to allow anyone who may need access to behind the shop to do so before I park and plug in for the night (till 4 am). So there I was waiting in my warm clothes and in a sleeping bag and mostly warm and fine. (Mental note to self, need warmer socks).

Why did I do this you ask? Why didn’t I run Jenny and be warm? Good question. Well, for one, I didn’t want to run Jenny in the area near where I work or bother to move a block to run Jenny for an hour or two. 

The other reason was I wanted to see how I would do in that cold. I know that cold weather is coming and I need to be ready to face it when it comes.  Wanda may not always be as toasty as I would like her to be and I have to be ready. 

I started to doze off due to the inactivity and cold so I went for a walk around the block. That woke me up and got me nice and warm. (Still need those warmer socks though. Hmm . . . then I will need bigger shoes to wear while wearing those pillows on my feet.)

I will say this that for some reason my fridge/freezer does not work as well in the cold. I seem to need to leave it running 24/7 for it to freeze anything or keep it cold. I really don’t want to leave my food in the back of Trea for stuff to keep cold. Besides, we have not hit the permanent freeze where it makes sense to do so yet. 

I did plug in (a little early at 7:30 pm) and by the time I did I noticed that my humidity (the thermometer I recently bought measures humidity as well) was getting closer to “Humid” in Wanda. It seems that electric heater I bought doubles as a de-humidifier, as it was back to “normal” not long after the heater had been running. 

This morning I did more reading and research on the Wars of The Roses and am working on tweaking Brian’s backstory to suit what actually happened. It is a slow process but I feel that I am making some headway.

With each challenge that I meet, with each test that I face, with each hardship (however small) that I endure, my resolve and confidence in myself and my abilities goes up. I now firmly believe that I can not only survive this winter, but thrive. 

Know this: success breeds success; overcoming little challenges empowers you to try and overcome larger ones. This pattern will elevate you to greater and greater things. Even if the only thing you gain is improved self-confidence and a few new skills, isn’t that reward enough for you to try to better yourself?

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