Monday 24 November 2014

Good Day Editing

Okay so I finished editing Part One and this morning started on Editing Part Two. I also did what minor grocery shopping I needed before heading back towards work. 

I also deposited what twenty bucks I could scrounge from spare change in my wallets into the bank. This way, when the end of month bank fees hit the account, I will know that I will stay above zero. 

This is important to me as I need to relearn that that overdraft doesn’t exist. Just like that first paid off credit card is only for convenience payment (or emergencies), not as a vehicle to buy a new toy. If I don’t stand firm on this then I will undo the good work and ground that I have gained so far in this endeavor.  

I also know that I do want to have some amount of savings for emergencies but for now all of my spare money has to go towards debt elimination. Once my credit cards are done, then I will start to save. One the financial bloodletting that is credit cards and their interest has been stopped, then I will save. 

I have now locked away my credit and debit cards for the next two weeks. I have what I need to survive, I have enough cash set aside to buy the propane I need and a bit more to buy what little groceries I need. I already have enough food to eat, warm clothes to wear and propane in my tanks. I will last until payday.

I also know that even once I get paid, that paycheque is going to be tight, but I will be on an upward swing. I will still have my first card paid off and stayed out of my overdraft as I start to chip away at that second card. 

I am looking forward to a week Friday, Friday, December the 5th. That is my anniversary, it will be one year ago on that day that I decided to do this. I look forward to pausing and reflecting on the past year on that date, it shall be good. Until then, I shall carry on and spend as little as possible, and write . . . always write. 

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