Thursday 27 November 2014

Back in the Writing Grove (Sorta)

Okay, so for the past two days I have been writing new and fresh chapters. I will soon get into the writing groove and pick up speed, but for now, in the beginning, the pace is always slow. 

That pace picks up and I am soon writing chapters quickly. I tend to average a chapter a day or two during the week, and two chapters on each of the weekend days. I am not concerned about the slow pace for now, as I know it will get better. 

Once Part Two is done then I can slowly hone each paragraph of each chapter, and get it better . . . so that people can tell me it is still regurgitated rat poop. I write for myself and my own enjoyment.

I am starting to stay close to work and plug in nightly and use just the electric heater. The pattern of plugging in at 8pm and moving by 4am seems to be a nice and considerate pattern as I don’t run into anyone. (Well, other than the garbage truck or the snow removal guys, both oddly enough at 4am).

I don’t think I will get away with my ‘electric heater only’ trick this weekend when it is down to close to -30C. I have been through this cold weather before, so I know what to do and what to expect; I will be okay. I just keep thinking of the warmer weather and the paid off credit cards, and I’m fine.   
I will be going to my favourite library but I will be coming back to work each night to plug in, as it is going to get cold. It seems that Saturday will be the worst of it, after Saturday it seems to warm up somewhat, so that is good news. 

I know that this is still late November and that the cold will stay around until at least April.  Hey, I have been through prairie winters before and I can and will get through this one. If those pioneers can stick it out in a dirt (sod) house and be okay, I can do this in an RV . . . I have a furnace, insulation and everything . . . (everything but the girl). 

I will say that motivation and a positive attitude is key to sticking it out. I actually bundled up and went for a walk around the block to enjoy (yes enjoy) the snowfall. That and I decided I should get a bit of exercise; I really should do this daily. 

I suppose that to get through this, the key thing to remember is that stuff happens. It is how you react to it, how you feel about it which makes it good or bad. You need to choose to see the positive in what is going on and what has happened. When bad stuff happens I force myself to laugh, actually laugh out loud, that puts me in a better mood and interrupts me from getting angry and negative about whatever it is that has happened. 

If you let yourself get angry and negative you will just carry that with you and it will drag you down. Don’t forget that you still have whatever it is that has happened to deal with. If you are in a better and more positive mood you can deal with the situation with a clearer head. Most times I can do this, but sometimes I just can’t, such is life and after all I am human. 

So my plan to lay low financially and coast through till payday on the 7th is going well. I am using my propane sparingly and not driving too far so as to conserve on gasoline. It is working, I have food to eat and just a few essential groceries to buy which will then last me till I get paid. 

The one negative thing is that my anniversary is on Friday the 5th, and I had wanted to do something for it, a dinner or something. I can’t afford to do anything so extravagant as that. I will drive up to the old area and walk around and take in the sights. I may even stay in the parking lot of the grocery store I frequented when I lived there, who knows. 

This anniversary is not the anniversary of when I moved out, that is on January 29th, or when I moved into Wanda that is July 12th. This is the anniversary of when I decided to start this quest, on the 5th of December, it will be a full year that I have rented my post office box. 

That was the day when I took the first concrete steps to actually start this lifestyle change so I could achieve debt freedom. I also started this blog on that day so I could further commit myself to this change and not allow myself room to back out. Remember that, if you publicly declare your intentions it helps cement in your mind that you are actually going to do, whatever it is that you said you were going to do.

All of December and January last year was a scary time for me. Those two months were full of lots of doubts and second guessing, but I stuck it out. I would like to do something to mark it, but going into debt to commemorate it doesn’t seem appropriate. As I said before, I will mark it in my own, frugal way. 

After all, I have a new goal to hit, credit card debt free by the end of July, 2015!

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