Saturday 22 November 2014

Twenty-Three Inches of Pleasure and Comfort

Yep, that’s how big it is . . . that’s how far Wanda’s slide-out sticks out, when it is deployed. The frustrating thing is that it sticks out into the street side. I know that for various design reasons it has to be this way. I mean, if you had the slide-out on the curb side then your door would be on the street side, not recommended.

That small protrusion does make a difference to my level of comfort on the inside of Wanda. Here is what the interior of Wanda looks like when the slide-out is out.

Now here is the same view when the slide-out is in.

I can function in both cases but it is much nicer when the slide-out is out, as I can move about more freely and the space feels more open. When the slide-out is in I am always shifting the table a few inches either way, just to get around it. I am svelte enough to get by though.

I know that when the deep freeze is coming (and it is) that I won’t ever deploy the slide-out. I just don’t want to damage that motor as it tries to move the slide-out in -30C weather. Again, such is life.

Well, today was payday so that means that I: deposited my cheque, paid my bills and now I’m broke. Such is life, but I am now out of the overdraft, and not only is the first card paid off again, but I put $500.00 down on the second card. 

Even in doing so I had to cut back on other areas of my budget, such as: 

I only put $60.00 in the tank 
Didn’t buy Jenny any fuel
Set aside less than half for groceries
Didn’t put anything for spends

I made sure to fully fund my Utilities Budget, as that is for propane, which means heat (which prevents nard-freezing). 

I will stay above zero in my account (but barely) from one payday to another and that is key. I will be fine as I have more than enough food to survive and will economize on fuel and not go far from work. When I get paid again I can get what I need and continue my upward swing. 

The key thing is to stay above zero, and not go south of it again, not if I can help it. In the past I might not have cared, and just let myself dipped below zero in order to “smooth out my cashflow,” but not anymore. 

I am committed to the concept that each paycheque must last me to the next one, to spend less during each payperiod than I bring in. It is a simple concept but one which may be harder to live by when you have other resources at your disposal, like credit cards and overdrafts.

I noticed something this morning that touched me and made me appreciate what I have. I saw someone sitting in a car parked not far from me. It seemed odd and at first I thought that it might have been yet another person keeping an eye on me. 

I decided to be nice and offer them a cup of coffee, as I was brewing some, so I walked over. What I saw was a man sleeping in the front seat of his car. I have seen his car there before, last weekend I think. I then realized that he must have been living in his car. 

I was going to offer him breakfast and coffee but didn’t want to wake him, as he was asleep. I kept an eye on him but he didn’t wake by the time I had to leave to do my errands. I noticed him waking up as I was driving away. 

As hard as thins get in your life, remember to keep struggling forward and that somewhere there is someone who has it harder than you. That and . . . this too shall pass.

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