Saturday 1 November 2014

I Literally Have A Screw Loose

See . . . 

More on that later, but first, I did get Jenny up and running after my running around. Since I ran out of Propane last night I decided not to wait until I have to dump to fill the other tank. Doing so might prove stupid when and if that tank ran out in the middle of the night. So to prevent nard-freezing, I filled the tank up after work. 

I did my laundry and settled in my ‘Western Home.’ As in a particular location of a large retailer who doesn’t seem to mind me parking for the night. In exchange I do most of my shopping there, happily . . . see how that nicely and symbiotically that works out?  

So once I was settled, I rolled Trea’s tonneau cover I climbed in the back of Trea and started Jenny up with no choke. Apparently she isn’t into Asphyxiation Play, just yet, maybe when she gets older. 

Anywhose, there I was with Jenny humming away, I then got out Wanda’s main power cord and connected the end to her, then ran it to Trea’s box. I had tried this before and figured it would reach but it was nice to see that it actually did reach and reach well. Then came the moment of truth: connecting Wanda up to Jenny. 

Jenny lugged a little bit, but nothing serious, she barely noticed and just hummed along. I then went inside and cooked my dinner and ate it, as Jenny ran, humming and charging Wanda. 

Again, Wanda was pretty much charged as I had plugged in the night before. This was just to see if it would work, before I actually needed to charge up Wanda with Jenny. There is nothing fun about having dead batteries in Wanda and realizing at two in the morning that your cord is just too short . . . never fun.

So I puttered around inside Wanda and decided to finally hang my towel racks in Wanda’s bathroom. With the fully charged cordless screwdriver I was able to use the drill bits that would fit and actually get this done. 

For some reason I had no kids come and ‘trick or treat’ at my home. I bought candy just in case, but alas I had no kids. Maybe I needed a jack-o-lantern? To be truthful I didn’t expect any kids but I didn’t want to have no candy in case of any curious and adventurous kids that came knocking on my door. Seriously, I don’t want to see a dressed up, crying and disappointed three year old . . . seriously, no thanks.

Okay, now about that loose screw. The interesting thing happened when I got to my new home and before I fired Jenny up. I have a certain place for everything when I am about to move my house. I put the three hanging lamps (cold) under the pillow that lives on one end of the couch. 

It is a little habit which I have developed that those of you with a ‘stationary home’ don’t need to think about. I mean if you are about to run to the store or get in your car, you don’t look around your house and ask yourself ‘what is going to move and fall?’  You just go and come back. Since I take my home with me, I need to think of these things. Most movable stuff gets tossed on the bed (like the laptop).  

Well, when I moved and then started to put stuff right, like hang my lamps again, I noticed a lonely screw just sitting there on the couch. 

Now, I know this screw is from Wanda, as they are all over the place in the roof. Such as in each of her Air Conditioning Vents and so forth.

After inspecting these vents and anything I can think of, I can’t find where this lonely screw goes. So does this mean that I’m a little nuts as in ‘I have a screw so loose it has fallen out’ or is it ‘I am so sane I have an extra screw?’ Hmm . . . so I stashed the screw in my junk drawer and decided that I would keep an eye out as to where it belongs. 

I now need to get ready, as I have moved again and the library is about to open. I hope to get two and a half chapters done. I want to finish Brian’s chapter, do a Trea chapter and do another Brian chapter, all in new territory, hmm, here’s hoping.  

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