Monday 30 September 2019

Solar Panels In A Snowstorm

So, this weekend marks the first time I was in a snowstorm since having solar panels installed on Wanda.

After getting the winterizing done (I’ll tell you about that tomorrow) I drove back to Western Home to stay for the weekend.

I was overcast most of the days and snowing, which reduced the light hitting the panels. 

The problem was that with the snow, now covering my panels, that further reduced the light hitting them. 

Less light = less power

So I had to go up there and brush them off about every forty-five minutes or so. So much so that I had to put a new place for my ladder.

I grumbled but went up there to brush it off regularly anyways. It was frustrating but I was able to finish the day with a full charge in the batteries.

The bonus was that I didn’t have to turn my fridge on because the house was typically colder than 10C all day. 

I turned the furnace on now and again, to boost the heat a bit, but for the most part I relied on my tried and true methods of bundling up (including using the sleeping bag to relax on the couch).

I pulled all of my comforters out and put them on the bed so I was toasty warm, and yes slept in my sleeping toque this weekend.

The frustrating thing was this morning I went up to brush the panels off and found that there was a layer of ice on the top of the panels.

I am not going to brush them that hard, as I don’t want to damage the panels. What I will do is wait until the end of the day and brush them off again.

It is my hope that after the day of the sunlight hitting them, that the ice will be melted enough so that I can just brush it off.

At least that is the hope. If not, I know how to function with little electricity, so I will be fine no matter what for this evening and night.

All in all, I survived my first snowstorm with solar panels relatively unscathed.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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