Tuesday 17 September 2019

Indoor Towel Drying

Okay, so one of the issues I have is how to dry my towels when I’m at work. Sometimes just putting it back on the towel rack doesn’t quite do the job.

They need to be aired out, rather than bunched up on the towel rack. As for the tea towel, it hangs through the refrigerator door handle, (So, it’s worse off).

This was my solution.

How I did it was use those hooks that I put in the ceiling to hang the tea light lanterns from. 

What I do is use those monster paper clips to clip to the towel and hang it between two of the hooks.

This will work for a larger towel, like my bath towel, but for the tea towel I needed to do something more creative.

What that is, is a coat hanger with three of those monster clips on it. One is on the very top to allow it to hook onto the hook in the ceiling. 

There are two on either “shoulder” of the coat hanger in order to clip to either corner of the tea towel. 

Thus I am able to hang it up to dry out as well, all inside my trailer, while I’m away. Not fancy, but effective, a reoccurring theme in my life.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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