Tuesday 10 September 2019

It Was Decidedly Un-Warm Last Night

So, last night and this morning it was quite un-summery . . . and that was not nice. I know that fall is coming (or mayhaps be upon me) and that winter is coming. 

I also know how to handle it, despite my whining about it. I have the gear I need and know what to do to get through it. I just like being warm without bundling up.

It rained all night, and in fact most of the day yesterday, so . . . that reminded me of Vancouver. 

My life is always lived in a state of reacting to the weather and temperature. What can I get away with? What would be unwise to risk?

So, I had to put on my fall clothes, and hang up my shorts for the evening. Again, it is all good, as I was warm and I will continue to be warm.

I find ways to get things done regardless of what tries to block my way. I do this all while trying to spend as little as possible.

(Still crowing about $26.31 for a month’s worth of fuel for the truck.)

I will bundle up a bit now, and I will slowly pull my blankets out of their storage and put them on the bed.

I will slowly adapt to the chilling weather, as needed, and wear my shorts when I can get away with it. 

This is the nature of my life at this point in time . . . “What can I get away with?”

So, while I dislike the colder weather, it does not scare me.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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