Wednesday 25 September 2019

Library Software Acquired

So, with the ever growing library that is The Homestead Archives, a way of organizing as well as keeping track of what I have is a necessity.

My first thought was to create some sort of database as I am skilled in doing this. 

The thought occurred to me that why reinvent the wheel? Someone else must have done this already.

After a quick web search I landed on this piece of software from This is not an endorsement, per say, just a statement of what I ended up buying.

I still don’t like renting software, but this is licensed in one year increments, so I have a year to decide if I like it enough to pay to have it again. 

They have three options, one is web based, one is an app on your phone/tablet and another is software on your computer. I went for the software on my computer.

It has a number of features, but what I like the most is that I just type in and it retrieves and downloads all of the information available (including the front and back cover images) of the book in question.

Apparently there is a bar code scanning bit of software . . . somewhere, but I never found it, or perhaps it didn’t come with what I bought.

They have software to keep track of other types of collections: movies, comics, music, etc. 

There were a few books that the “about the book” entry was blank. So, I ended up typing in the paragraph on the back cover. 

Again, we shall see how it goes, but for now it worked well and was a seamless process.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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