Thursday 12 September 2019

Mr Bold and Mr Fear

Each of us have two people within us, constantly talking to us, urging us to do this or that. 

More specifically one is urging you into action while the other is urging you out of action. The two of them are Mr. Bold and Mr. Fear, respectively.

Mr. Bold is the voice urging you to take that leap, take that chance, always telling you “You got this! Go for it!”

Mr. Fear is the ‘voice of reason’ as it were and always urging you to take some precautions and be careful.

When these voices are in balance, we are in balance in that we take appropriate risks, but are not foolish in doing so. 

In so doing, we can experience new things and get things done, yet not behave recklessly as we do so. 

Mr. Bold is a good part of ourselves as he urges us to explore and take risks, to do new things, to have an adventure now and again. 

Mr. Fear is also a good part of ourselves, as he urges caution and whispers to us the many and varied ways that the action that Mr. Bold wants us to undertake can go horribly wrong. 

If either Mr. Bold or Mr. Fear get louder than the other than we put ourselves at risk, either by taking too many risks or not taking enough. 

If we take too many risks we can injure ourselves or cause great harm and disruption in our lives. 

If we don’t take enough risks we stagnate, do nothing and live in constant fear of anything and everything. 

This is why these two voices need to be listened to, and are essential, yet neither voice can be allowed to be too strong . . . neither voice can be allowed to rule us.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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